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In this 21st century education and learning should meet the competitive development in job market. ACHARIYA keeps updating the teaching and learning methodology to meet the demand of the industry. This special arrangement made various industries specific to the skill development beyond the campus. Experience and Exposure gives very good personal development for the students, the hands on experience in learning what engineering is all about in this Global competition. The one who is competent has to be really updated and that is why it is needed to be in ACHARIYA when others have outdated practices. What we do in ACHARIYA is to up to date Engineering. That’s why you need to choose ACHARIYA for your own advantage.


When every other college is more focused on result and curriculum delivery we in ACAHRIYA directly focus on learning and teaching Engineering. ACHARIYA will focus and place where Engineering is learnt not studied. Activity based learning is created beyond the routine curriculum and the limitation of the syllabus. We go beyond the campus and help you learn Engineering to give moral development so as to enable you to have the edge in the industry with a practical life, problem solving approach during the college time.

To Educate and train the student community both by theory and practice to fit in with the society and to surmount tomorrow’s technology at global level with human values, ethics, morals and ideals through our enthusiastic and dedicated team under the vision, guidance and supremacy of our chief mentor, Dr.J.Arawindhan

To make suitable changes in the Physical, Mental, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual personality of every individual; develop and elevate him to lead a higher degree of life enabling him to outdo and excel in his present nature to convert and renovate to become an ACHARIYAN.

  • To promote all-round development of the student
  • To stimulate love of learning for a lifetime
  • To develop physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual strength
  • To encourage team spirit, and to nurture individual and group excellence
  • To provide world-class infrastructure and faculty
  • To focus on multiple intelligence in the upbringing of children
  • To nurture human values that help the student face the challenges of life
  • To inculcate an enhanced aesthetic sensibility to improve and maintain the quality of life
  • To decipher between right and wrong and to take unerring decisions with a futuristic vision
  • To nurture overall personality of the students through voluntary parental participation in pertinent college activities
  • To develop scientific attitude towards problem solving using the latest available scientific and information technologies
  • To develop positive attitude towards saving environment and appreciate nature besides being proud of the institution and motherland India
  • To help find the real potentials lying hidden in the children and bring them out


Policy :
Accentuate on Academic Excellence and Personality Development through Curricular, Co-curricular and Extra-Curricular activities
Provide state-of-the-art resources to achieve quality education in all spheres of academic activities and all walks of life
Involve everyone to bring about higher performance level thorough team effort
Inculcate discipline and to provide conducive environment to students to achieve their goals
Excel through total commitment and continuous improvement to realize our quality objectives


A place for academic excellence and holistic development.

ACHARIYA College of Engineering Technology is approved by All India Council for Technical Education and affiliated to Pondicherry University and was established during the year 2010.

ACHARIYA offers technology education in 5 streams.

ACHARIYA College of Engineering Technology is a distinguished institution, in that, it goes beyond curriculum, by offering training in current technologies, soft skill, preparation for competitive exams etc. A hands-on training and exposure aims at delivering employable candidates.

The campus has Wi-Fi networking. Students are provided with free laptops. Scholarships are offered by the management to motivate students.

The faculty are well qualified, well experienced and dedicated.

The labs are state-of-the-art with well trained technicians.

Achariya College of Engineering Technology is a very well-known renowned institution for education coupled with discipline. ACET offers five undergraduate courses: Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering…
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