Rules and Regulations
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The college encourages 95% attendance. No student will be allowed to appear in the University examination if he does not attend minimum 75 % classes of theory & practical classes. He also has to submit satisfactorily all the assignments, jobs, journals and reports, as specified by the university, within the stipulated time limits. If any of the statement made in the application form or any information supplied by the candidate in connection with his / her admission is later, found to be false or incorrect, his / her admission will be cancelled, fees forfeited and he / she may be expelled from the college by the Principal.

Classes for the B.Tech. courses will be conducted as follows:
Full time : From 09:00 A.M. to 04:30 P.M. – 5 working days a week.

Due to the High standard of discipline maintained in general in the curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular areas, the college has earned a name for itself. Any act that brings ill repute to the institution is considered an act of misconduct.

On or off the campus if any student is found indulging in any anti-national activities contrary to the provision of acts and laws enforced by the government, any activity contrary to rules and regulation of the college, he/she will be summarily expected from the college.

Boys: Plain coloured shirts with dark trousers neatly tucked. Shoes with socks clean shaven and hair neatly groomed. Jeans/T-shirts not permitted.

Girls: Churidhar with dhupata in sober colours. Short churidhars not permitted . slit in churidhars not be more than 10inches above the knees.

Each Student shall be provided with an identity card which is valid till the completion of the course. Candidates are instructed to safely preserve their identity cards. The ID also will indicate whether the student is a hosteller or day-scholar, to avail college transport.

If there is any change in the address, parents should inform to the respective department head and the college office the address must be changed in the ID card immediately.

Achariya College of Engineering Technology is a very well-known renowned institution for education coupled with discipline. ACET offers five undergraduate courses: Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering…
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