Our Department started in the year 2010, in order to meet the educational needs of the CIVIL industry. The Department of Civil Engineering caters to the regional and global human resource requirements. The faculties of this department have excellent knowledge to impart CIVIL related skills in the students. The students of this department participate in all activities both academic and other extracurricular activities.

Civil engineers with an academic bent of mind can go on to obtain their Masters and PhD degrees and enter the world of research and teaching. Other civil graduates can find work at all levels of the economy. There are opportunities in small consulting firms including those specialising in structural, environmental, municipal and geotechnical engineering and some work in larger firms which encompass several branches of civil engineering. Civil engineers can also work at national, state and municipal levels of the government. They can also start their own business. Opportunities abound in varying aspects of engineering like Bioengineering, Coastal Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Water Resources Engineering. The most popular industries for getting employed are construction, engineering design, residential construction, heavy civil construction.

In India, things are looking up in the infrastructure sector. There is also great employment prospects for civil engineers in government and public sectors like the railways, municipal bodies, the Defence Forces, National Highway Authority of India, government development authorities like the DDA and government housing authority, BHEL and many more.

The department has fully functioning labs covering

  1. Geotechnical Engineering laboratory
  2. Survey laboratory
  3. Material Testing laboratory
  4. Environmental Engineering laboratory
  5. Engineering Geology laboratory
  6. Concrete lab
  7. Transportation laboratory
  8. CADD laboratory
  9. Fluid Mechanics


  1. WiFi (Wavin WiFi 360) facility available for the campus.
  2. Laboratories are fully equipped with Intel Pentium Dual Core I3 Processor, 2GB RAM,250-500 GB HD with LCD Monitor connected with LAN 3Mbps Speed.
  3. Apart from open source software, many licensed software are also available such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual Studio, Oracle etc.,
  4. Fully Air Conditioned Laboratories with Projector facilities are available.
  5. All Classrooms are equipped with Projector facilities.
  6. Staff members are provided with Laptops.


Lecture Methods: Explaining Clearly, Being Well Prepared, Summarizing Major Points, IdentifyingWhat is Important and Knowing if the Class Understands.
Style: Giving an Interesting Presentation Style at varying Speed & Tone of Voice.OHP Slides and LCD projectors are also used.
Note taking: Giving Lectures that are Easy to Outline.
Discussion We Encourage Class Discussion. Students are invited to share their Knowledgeand Experiences through Discussions.
Laboratory Teaching This helps students to understand fundamentals & basic concepts of Computer ScienceEngg in a best way; it helps the students to implement their own talents, creativityand programming skills and also to demonstrate various software, Hardware and Networks.
Project-focused Learning By Design Projects, Students are encouraged for self-learning and explore unlearnedareas in the course curriculum.
Problem focused Learning Teaching Creativity & Problem-Solving to Engineers. In case studies,Leading Engineering Cases and Ethics cases are Discussed.