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On behalf of the Management, Principal, faculty and students of our prestigious institution, I welcome you to the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.  The global climate change and depleting natural resources are demanding invention of new technologies which are energy conscious. The confidence in managing new knowledge society requires continuous learning through novel approaches supported with skill and development works in the areas of power and energy. My department joins me and my team in meeting this mission by producing knowledgeable and committed technologists to serve our country and humanity as a whole. The hard work and sincerity are strong pillars of success. Through our practices we strive to impress our students to inculcate these values and support the mission of Achariya to produce “WOW Engineers”. And also with Mantra EARN WHILE LEARN & LEARN WHILE EARN.

Electrical Engineering graduates are known for their strong analytical and problem solving skills. We are committed to internationalizing all our core activities so our students can have a valuable and enjoyable experience that prepares them well for the rest of their intellectual, professional and personal lives. The department with its study programs, meets the necessities of the labour market in our country as well as the overall evolution of this market.

The department’s assets are: highly competitive faculties, modern facilities at the highest level, incorporating education and analytical skills into the arena of Engineering. Stay with EEE and fly out with colourful feathers…



Er.F.D.Anfinston B.E.,M.E.,MISTE

Assistant professor and Head,Department of EEE

The department has fully functioning labs covering

  1. Basic Electrical & Electronics Lab
  2. Electrical Machines Lab – I
  3. Electrical Machines Lab –II
  4. Electronics Lab – I
  5. Electronics Lab – II
  6. Electronics Lab – III
  7. Measurements and Control Lab
  8. Power Electronics Lab
  9. Microprocessor Lab

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