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Department of EEE


Laboratories connected with the department are
o Basic Wiring Lab
o Electrical Machines Lab
o Power system Simulation Lab
o Measurement and Control Lab
o Power Electronics Lab

Basic Wiring Lab:

This is the basic lab which is used to know the basic concepts of wiring for the fresher’s. This lab consists of common electrical tools, types of switches, different types of wiring connections, etc.

Electrical Machines Lab:

This is the core lab for Electrical and Electronics Engineering. This lab is equipped with various electrical machines such as DC motor, Ac motor, Induction motor, generators, transformers, Alternators, single phase and three phase machines, etc. The main objective of this lab is to impart knowledge and characteristics about the machines. This lab provides easy predetermination methods of finding the losses and efficiencies of the machines. The lab can also be used for projects related with electrical machines.

Power system Simulation Lab:

This lab provides different methods of analysis of power system, load flow studies and optimal power flow using MATLAB Software.

Measurement and Control Lab:

This lab provides to expose the students to the different types of electrical measuring instruments and also provides the students with adequate work experience in the measurement of physical, mechanical electrical quantities by using various instruments such as transducers, instrumentation amplifier, sensors, electrical and electronics instruments, etc.

Power Electronics Lab:

This lab provides the common work experience with the components of power semiconductors, batteries and electrical drives and also provides better understanding operations of rectifier, inverter, chopper, cycloconverter, etc.

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