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I feel ecstatic to introduce you to Department of Science and Humanities, which is the foundation of engineering education. The S & H department includes chemistry, English, mathematics and physics. This department plays a vital role in shaping the students personality and bridging the gap between school and college. The main aim of this department is to preparing the young minds to impart the basics principles behind every engineering concept. The department has well qualified and experienced teaching faculty members. The department has well furnished physics and chemistry laboratory. Faculties of mathematics teach not only syllabus oriented but also competitive exam oriented. Students are trained in aptitude and numerical abilities to make them ready for all types of examination. Regarding physics basic principle applied in engineering is explained clearly with more demonstration.

Chemistry department faculties render their services to explain the applications of chemistry in engineering field. Through this, the students will become more aware of the relations between environment and engineering. The department of English plays a prominent role in developing students LSRW skills of English even from the very first year students. For third year, soft skills paper is taught by faculties of English.

Apart from academics students are motivated to participate in various co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Every student is given individual care and parent meeting is conducted now and then. The flagship objective of the Department is to train the young minds to explore the new horizons.



Er .S.Syamala Gowri, M.sc., B.Ed., M.Phil.,

Assistant Professor (Chemistry Department), Head- Department of Science and Humanities

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