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  1. To achieve a healthier lifestyle
  2. To develop health and team spirit
  3. An integral part of curriculum


sports The following are some of the Co-curricular activities functioning for the students in our campus to nurture their creativity and develop wholesome personality

  1. Student Development Program (SDP)
  2. Psychological Program
  3. Weekly Seminars conducted by IM Power
  4. Communication technology program
  5. Yoga and Meditation practices
  6. NSS Programs


sports The students can opt for membership in any one or more of the following clubs depending on their interest and take part in all activities of the club.

  1. Renewable Energy Club(REC)
  2. Indian Society of Technical Education(ISTE)
  3. Association of Mechanical Engineers(AME)
  4. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(IEEE)
  5. Computer society of India(CSI)
  6. Students In Free Enterprise(SIFE)
  7. Literary And Debating Society(LADS)
  8. Green Brigade

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