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Quality Enhancement in Engineering Education Quality Enhancement in Engineering Education (QEEE) program enhances the quality of Indian engineering education and bridge the quantity-quality gap. This pilot project is designed to improve the quality of education delivered to students by making available high quality pedagogical resources to all students through technology – Direct to Student Program and empowering teachers/educators. The Committee for Reforms in Technical Education under the chairmanship of Professor Ashok Jhunjhunwala, IIT Madras, has been constituted by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development (MHRD) with a mandate to bring about comprehensive reforms in technical education. Quality Enhancement in Engineering Education (QEEE) Program is sponsored by MHRD, Govt. of India through IIT Madras. Achariya College of Engineering Technology is selected to participate in the QEEE Pilot program in the first phase of 96 Colleges/Universities across India.


QEEE is Direct to Student interactive program with an aim to integrate superior external scholastic inputs into current learning and pedagogical practices. The program consists of five modules planned to be delivered through an educational platform (software/hardware) developed for this purpose. These modules are:

Live Lectures: Live classes are Direct to Student interactive program with the teacher. Students are to attend these live classes as the lectures are being delivered by the IIT professors who have been rated best continuously for three years by the IIT students. These Live lectures will create an environment of classroom.

Tutorials: Enable tutorials by IIT Faculty, supervised by local instructors; provide more engaging experience to students via Live Chat/Video/White board

Virtual Labs: Labs in virtual environment to provide practical learning experience to students and run locally at institutes at designated times. E-labs too will be the part of the larger plan which will also include real time online access to experiments conducted at the top five labs. The plan will also comprise of e-books and the vocational augmentation courses.

Bridge Programs: Courses for students to bridge the gaps and enhance their all round development towards employability.

MOOC (Massive Online Open Courseware): QEEE Programme
Open courseware essentially constitutes a licensed mechanism of delivering courses online directly to the student and not necessarily through the institutional set-up. It enables customized anytime anywhere learning through the internet.

For more information, visit: http://qeee.in/courses.php.

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